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Digital Advisor for Smart Sailors

  • Self-calibrated accurate wind information Real time performance metrics
  • Data visualization and experience sharing on the web
  • Coaching on sail trimmings, maneuvers and trajectory


Our Project

Anemomind develops a fully automatic solution to record, analyze, exploit, share and visualize sailing data. It brings real-time boat performance diagnostics and automatically calibrated true wind estimation to sailors, enabling them to optimize boat trimmings and, ultimately, race results.

The Anemomind solution has various components:

  • a physical device installed onboard, providing real-time performance diagnostics to sailors;
  • a mobile app allowing sailors to record their trajectories even if they do not have an Anemomind device;
  • web services enabling sailors to share and visualize race replays.

The scientific roots of the Anemomind project can be found at EPFL, where Julien Pilet conducted research for the Alinghi and Hydroptère teams between 2003 and 2008. The idea of creating a data-mining product grew while racing Irène, a 6mR boat.

Existing data-mining solutions for sailing look prehistoric compared to what is possible using state-of-the-art algorithms. Our goal is to revolutionize the sailing world by bringing twenty-first century information technologies to sailors.


Our Team

Julien Pilet   EPFL PhD. Former Google software engineer. 20 years of sailing
Jonas Ostlund   Former EPFL researcher. Brilliant software engineer
Marc-André Eggimann   Product and customer explorer. Our innovation guarantee
Xavier Righetti   EPFL PhD, software and hardware developer. Amazing prototype hacker
Pascal Fua   Head of the computer vision lab at EPFL. Famous computer vision researcher


How we will use your money

Your financial help will contribute to...

  • design the hardware for our device.
  • prototyping, field-tests and improvements.
  • web services and app developments.
  • device industrialization.


Any Question?


Contact us!

Julien Pilet:, mobile: +41 79 935 28 57.

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End date: 31 December 2014

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