The Empathic Network (TEN)

Blü is a Health-Tech innovation company that I wish to start up. My team will be working on problems affecting doctors and patients. We believe we can improve the diagnosis and therapeutic processes, and the patient experience. The first project to bring to market is The Empathic Network (TEN). The goal is connecting to devices, translating data formats, annotating and sending information to analytics systems in near real-time. … and we want you to “Value the difference”
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About the Campaign


“Value the difference”


 It is my ambition to build a firm that is possibly unique in Switzerland. The Empathic Network (TEN) is the first project that I want to use to get Blü Innovation started.


What is the difference? There are people in our society who are not readily accepted and yet they have skills, talent, expertise and knowledge. Of course I have my own story to tell. During my journey I have met many people on the fringes of society. I intend to support and provide meaningful work for people who are in such a position.


Some have simply had bad luck or undergone a life-changing event. Perhaps they have a disability or might be a refugee. They may be recovering from long-term illness and have been out of work for some time. They might be over the age of 55 and no one will employ them.


What do these people have in common? They have a problem and they are different. Imagine a room full of people with problems solving problems for people. Imagine a place where being different is normal.


I would like to develop products and services that can help to make my world a better place. The first project is The Empathic Network (TEN), a means of connecting patients to doctors in a virtual space.


TEN is a project to connect medical devices that collect information about patient, translate and format the information, annotate the data and then send it as UDP/TCP messages to analytical systems. I am working toward partnering with the University Hospital Basel to build a Digital Twin.


The objective for TEN will be to speed up the patient intervention and therapy process. The process improvement could also stabilize costs by simplifying and reducing diagnosis procedures.


Building Blü and implementing TEN provides social and medical benefits going beyond entrepreneurship. I hope you are able to support my vision and contribute to this campaign.