Effortless insurance coverage informations and contract optimisation

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About the Campaign

This project is about the fit of insurers towards their client’s need and how the client understand the insurer’s duty.

Lot of insurers help you manage your contracts, but none do it in a simple way. People have multiple insurance contract but only a few of them can tell you if they are covered if they lose their luggage while being on a trip outside of the country.

Our project is here to help people with their insurance contracts and better understand what type of coverage they have, but also find a way for them to optimize them.

On the other side we can help insurers with the data we gather, such as optimizing a product for market fit, benchmarking their product against the competition, and even know the client’s need.

Our solution is based on a general terms and conditions database where we classify all the informations from insurers.

Our clients will interact with this database trough an app (people), or a webapp (insurers).