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Arra is a intelligent customer assistance SaaS platform enables AR and AI-powered visual assistance that helps companies provide customer service of the future.

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About the Campaign

Arra’s intelligent visual support platform enables AI and AR-powered visual assistance that helps companies provide customer service of the future. Arra is an augmented visual support system where both user in problem and the support agent can connect with each other and where the former can show the exact problem and agent can give step by step solution how to solve in real time. The user can see how to solve the problem through screen annotations and hand gestures of the agent and solve the problem himself without waiting for onsite arrival of agent.

Today whenever anyone face any problem or technical issue they reach to customer support agents via phone. Mere verbal explanation on phone is not enough most of the times to understand the problem scenario. Lack of any visual information results in blind diagnosis of the problem and results in frustration and stressful experience for support agents and sometimes they completely fail to solve the problem.Arra gives support agents the ability to see exactly what the customer is experiencing through the camera on a mobile device. With Arra no app installation is required, customers are able to securely connect and instantly share live video & photos of the issue with support agents, facilitated by live text annotations and hand gestures on video overlaying. This allows for a dramatic decrease in customer explanation time and near instant diagnosis and even instant resolution of the problem leading to fewer support dispatch, site visits and customer reports back with a wow factor. If we solve your problem, we don’t destroy these videos and we use it to train artificial intelligence in the face of similar problems. Therefore, if you need to connect a cable or turn a key, these instructions may appear automatically on the screen, not verball. Customer service agent define products and problems using augmented reality, so they also train artificial intelligence.