Better healthcare, modern and safe. For patients. For doctors. Artificial intelligence is promising to change how doctors and clinicians work. But like any product in healthcare, it needs to be safe, ethical and efficient. AIvidence proposes tools and services for MedTech and bioetchs helping AI experts to certify and deploy faster their innovative solutions in hospitals.
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About the Campaign

Healthcare keeps improving. Artificial Intelligence, a promising technology, is making progress in the lab and sometimes is better and faster than doctors at diagnosing diseases or predicting future medical problems.
As patients, we want to see this technology used in our hospital or at our doctor’s practice.
But doctors are cautious, and have to guaranty that it does not harm, and that it is not another technical gimmick but a true enabler for better healthcare.
Health regulators are on the watch and raising the bar for using AI algorithms in a medical context.
This raises the costs and delays for startups and companies in the MedTech and biotech industry that are creating innovative products thanks to AI.
AIvidence is about accelerating the certification of AI algorithms.
In our platform, we give the user the access to well structured data.
And we offer him consulting services which are divided into three sub-services:
1- Report about the model (a total analysis about the criteria of certification)
2- Hints and advice on how they can get better results
3- Meet with our experts for specific consultation
This crowdfunding will help us to better design our product and services by running an interview campaign with professionals in the field.
We are a team of researchers, developers and managers from CHUV hospital in Lausanne and we have created a research platform for brain diseases, the Medical Informatics Platform of the Human Brain Project. We want to use our experience and our platform to build professional services that will help startups in the Swiss Biovalley and beyond to provide better products.